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My Specialties: To those who don't really look at my gallery, I mainly draw females, though I can draw some males. I don't really draw many animals at all. Plants don't really work well with me, but I can do good abstract backgrounds as well as some buildings, and I am pretty good with skies. I draw mainly from front perspective, but I will draw whatever the people want.

Prices. For a simple picture 1000x1000 of a person with a background drawn on the computer with color is 100 points. Size dones't matter to me, so a 2000x2000 will cost the same as a 150x150. For more people, it costs 50 points for every extra person/animal. Line art costs 75 points. Literature costs 10-15 points depending on length. I charge 250 points on top if the picture I draw would contain mature content. The person will pay above.

Time to make a commission:
I am in school, so depending on big and detailed the picture is, it may take between 1-5 weeks. It may be more if I have more requests at the time. I require one to pay above before I may begin.

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    Donated Mar 26, 2012, 10:15:21 AM
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    Donated Mar 16, 2012, 5:42:29 AM
So just last weekend, I started watching Boys Over Flowers because I felt like watching something in English, and this popped up. After 3 days, I'm on episode 31 or 61. And it's just..... UGH.

(There will be spoilers in this rant, but I'm avoiding mentioning names for the sake of explaining my stance.)

Let me explain. The show is about a poor girl that manages to get into the rich kid Eitoku High school (or however you spell it), but because she's so strong-willed and bold, she catches the eye of the Flower 4 (....?), a group of the richest and most handsome boys in the whole school who essentially rule the school. One word from them and they can turn the whole school against anyone. After getting in trouble, she's ostracized by the entire student body and subjected to intense bullying (that she could call the police anytime and put them in prison, but anime always seems to ignore that), but because she's tough, she plans on sticking it out until she graduates high school and regains her freedom, and plans on going to Eitoku college (Does she not consider that the same bullies who attend this school will also get into that college?!). From there, the rest of the story is just her doing something to make everyone else jealous, gets bullied, and this is rescued by the Flower 4, who have mixed feelings towards her, all the while giving you hints of a romantic progression. 

I have two problems with this story: the predictability of the plot and the characters.

Plot first. IT'S JUST AN EXTENDED BULLY ARC WITH A CLICHE ROMANCE I CAN CALL EPISODES IN ADVANCE. The best boy? Called him earlier. Failed love interest? Stuck in an elevator with crush leading to more advancement in the 'relationship'? Called it. Lack of communication leading to misconceptions, misunderstandings, and lack of mutual trust that tears the relationship to shreds? Called. It. Long. Ago. Seriously! And the PLOT HOLES. For one thing, how have these guys have gotten away with such intense and extreme bullying and not have been caught? In one episode, the guys hang several boys, feet bound by thin rope, off of the roof of the mutli floor school building, with a huge crowd gathering below? Or in another episode, the students bind a girl's hands, tie them to the back of a car, and race it around the school entrance, risking having her trip and peel her skin off? Then again, it's not like there are any teachers except for the school nurse, who makes a one-minute appearance every 10 episodes or so. I understand they're rich and powerful, but really? And then the writer just makes up these scenarios and remembers them only when it serves the plot use. One girl sprains her ankle, yet she can walk hours afterwards, only to start crying in pain midway up the stairs. ...? 

Next, the characters. The main character, however you spell her name, is a frank, out-spoken, bold girl who gets herself into more trouble than she needs because she doesn't know when to shut up. I can't how many times she's said things to irritate others for no good reason. But then there are times where if she just explained herself and her feelings, so much drama could be avoided. She's been completely wishy-washy about this one guy, never giving him a definite answer, or even any answer at all. And then she's naive and gullible that it hurts to watch her. She'll constantly believe what a character may tell her, despite knowing that he/she has lied in the past so many times. One character falls in love with her in one of the earlier episodes, and 20-something episodes later, she still can't get a clue. She says things that hurt him despite everything he does for her, she's rarely appreciative of his sacrifices, and ditches him for some other guy whom she's just friends with. One episode, someone very close to her confesses his love, and, believe it or not, she questions if he's telling the truth and continues to walk off with this guy she just met yesterday (and also happens to be mad at) who the confessor happens to be jealous of. The supporting characters are iffy. It's just that almost every supporting character is two-faced, but the main girl can never see that in the beginning until they hurt her. They're the stereotypical male bullies (aka Flower 4) who warm up to her, the female trio of bullies who spread rumours, and the student body, whose only purpose is to beat up the next person the F4 tells them to. They can't think for themselves... Her family is shallow and rude, by the way, and her best friend is a ditz that always gets himself in trouble.

On a side note, the english dub is... weird. The main character is the same character who played Barbie, and I can recognize several other characters from old Barbie movies from my childhood. And another thing. The voice actor who plays the ditzy, cheerful, idiot best friend is the voice actor for... Light Yagami? The acting is alright, but nothing special.

So, why am I watching this show? I don't know. I'm a masochist? I like the romance to a degree, but the nonsense I have to take with it hurts. I'll still keep watching it, if only to finish it, but it's painful, I tell you. 
  • Mood: Outraged
  • Watching: Boys Over Flowers anime
  • Eating: Mandarin or orange or tangerine or something...
  • Drinking: Water

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